Hi. William Yap here.

Currently, I’m managing a company and also into other business ventures.

My experience includes sales, product marketing, managing team, distribution channel, local company branches, Malaysia branch office, and conduct training session for IT and Property industry.

The beginning

Prior to my work career, I was studying computer programming and planned to work in IT Dept as a programmer.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are not willing to hire inexperience programmers. They do not want to be the stepping stones for newbies at their expense.

Therefore, I end up being a sales executive for a IT company selling computer solutions. From then on, I’ve ranked up in various IT distribution companies selling products ranging from hardwares to high end 3D manufacturing software like Unigraphics NX.

Things came to a stop after I found out I have a benign tumour near my left facial nerve and got a surgery to remove it. My surgery ends up half of my face paralysed. Can’t even close my left eye for 3 months. Btw, it’s not my surgeon’s fault.

Because of my slow recovery to regain my facial nerves, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and ventured into different industry. That’s the short story of how I ended up here.