Hi. Obviously my name is William Yap (duh, name of this website?). Currently in Malaysia. Planning to travel around the world but have to be careful since Covid-19 wrecked havoc into my plan.

Well, I guess a lot things had wrecked my plans. Benign tumour, depression, panic attack, partial face paralysis, retrenchment, burnout, etc. But life goes on, right?

Currently, I’m a director of a small company and also a trainer for hire.

Prior to my work career, I was studying computer programming and planned to work in IT Dept as a programmer. This was waaaaaaay back in late 1980s where I studied binary code (machine language i.e. the “1”s and “0”s or 01000001 for letter A), Pascal and COBOL. Unfortunately, I’ve went to a lot of interviews and had the same old answer.

“Sorry, we’re not hiring newbies”. Well, not exact words but the message is still the same. Main reason was the competitive scene in snatching experienced programmers and company not willing to train new programmer to be pulled by their competitors.