About William Yap

I am currently providing services including training, coaching, event management, consultation, career talks, recruitment drive, workshops and conducting monthly meetings.

I like this to give this quote to my participants and remind them why they need to take action,

“If not now then when? If not me then who?”

I can be contact at coach@williamyap.com or willyap.trainer@gmail.com or call me at +6 012 3577 390


My motto : Further understanding creates knowledge


I conduct soft skill trainings. Training programs are customizable to suit individual or groups’ need. Please do contact me to arrange for a discussion.

My main task as coach is to assist people to achieve their goals by open up their minds while showing them the direction

Event Management
I do conduct teambuilding programs and also organize company events.

Like in coaching, some companies also need some consultation on their business strategies.

I conduct career talk and recruitment drive looking for real estate negotiators on behalf of real estate agencies that engage my service. The key point I emphasize a  lot is the commitment to go fulltime instead of part-time basis. Whether the person is a fresh grad or experienced sales person, the level of commitment is very different between fulltime vs part-time as they can still fall back to their current job should they fail. Ah, since I’ve been recruiting and trained real estate negotiators, most of the part-timers failed. I meant failed to even start the journey. I’ll discuss more on this on a separate post.

I do conduct customised workshops when requested




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